Join us in Sunnyvale, California on October 13 – 15th for the 

Brembo Hackathon: Data Science, Machine Learning and GenAI Solutions Challenge

where you will be hacking on Machine Learning, Data Science and Generative AI challenges that utilize historical data sets and exclusive industry access from the global leader in brake production.

During the hackathon, participants will dive into the realm of machine learning and AI to revolutionize brake recipes, material compounds and product development. The Brembo Data and AI Hackathon aims to leverage the power of data-driven models to create cutting-edge recipes for new brakes and improve data models for warranty claims that enhance safety, performance and efficiency.

At the heart of the hackathon lies a vast and diverse dataset provided by Brembo. This dataset encompasses a wealth of information on various car models, their braking systems, performance metrics, and real-world driving scenarios. Armed with this invaluable data, participants will be tasked with building innovative machine learning models capable of predicting and optimizing brake designs, or, solving warranty database issues to further improve Brembo’s already in-place model.

Participants will choose between one of two hackathon challenges 

which are defined below. Each challenge will have it’s own unique data set, sample modeling, and will have a workshop/webinar to be held 

1-2 weeks before the hackathon to explain how the data is structured. Register today and don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to work with automotive experts and transform the next generation of Machine Learning and AI with Brembo!

There are two challenges for participants to choose from for the hackathon. Each participant may only be on one team, and each team will submit a solution for one of the challenges.

Gen AI & Brake Pad Recipe Creation

Using friction test data provided by Brembo, use Generative AI to create new compounds, forecast testing results and create the framework for predicting the effectiveness and characteristics of a new Brembo brake product. The data provided will include a list of compounds previously used and tested by Brembo, as well as their outcomes. Solutions must be based on Generative AI, applied to provide a model able to propose new recipes that increase the number of candidate compounds, ensuring feasibility and good performances.

Synthetic Data for Warranty Classification

Based on a historical Warranty Database, which includes a set of claims from customers, generate synthetic data that can augment Brembo’s data set, retrain the current production model, and determine if there is improvement in the final classifier. The synthetic data that is generated should resemble the data that Brembo is providing, and should be used to improve Brembo’s existing model.

Participants are encouraged to register for a chance to win a piece of the $20,000 prize pool! Additionally, there are many other benefits including:

Exclusive Data Sets & Environments

Work with exclusive data sets and exclusive industry access

Test groundbreaking Generative AI solutions with real data 

provided by Brembo

Work and Learn With the Experts at Brembo

Learn first-hand and network with automotive experts 

and mentors from Brembo

Discover career opportunities with Brembo for building 

Machine Learning and AI solutions

Multiple Prizes and Ways to Win

Enhance your experience with Generative AI and learn 

new tools & processes along the way

Win a piece of the $20,000 prize pool

AI/ML Engineers

Software Developers


Generative AI Engineers

Data Scientists

Cloud Developers

Participants may compete on their own or on a team.
Teams may be comprised of no more than 5 participants.

$20,000 USD

Total Prize Pool Amount

1ST RUNNER UP – $5,000 USD


$10,000 USD

2ND RUNNER UP – $3,000 USD

3RD RUNNER UP – $2,000 USD

Plus: $1,000 USD in door prizes/incentives!

Keep an eye on your email for updates from the organizers on how to win door prizes and other opportunities to win as well!

There will be separate submission requirements and criteria for Challenge 1 and Challenge 2. 

We will explain on-site during the hackathon the process for submitting and testing your solutions early as well.

Gen AI & Brake Pad Recipe Creation

Submission Requirements: 

Dataset of proposed compounds in the std. format provided by Brembo

Presentation Deck

Reproducible source code and related documentation (this will not be required but strongly recommended so the judges can properly score solutions)

Brembo will then evaluate the proposed compounds and give feedback to the teams in terms of:

Technical Feasibility: Validation of proposed compounds against production constraints.

Technical Relevance: Comparison of test conditions (specific columns) against reality.

Target Performance: Comparison of the proposed compound’s performance against the target.

Compounds Variability: Computation of a variability index among all the proposed compounds.

Synthetic Data for Warranty Classification

Submission Requirements:

Synthetic dataset in the std. format provided by Brembo

Presentation Deck

Reproducible source code and related documentation (this will not be required but strongly recommended so the judges can properly score solutions)

Brembo will then evaluate each team's submission and:

Train the target model on the augmented dataset, obtaining a newly trained model.

Compare performances of the newly-trained model with the target model on the test set.

Provide feedback to the teams in terms of mean per-class error.

August 14

Registration Opens!

Webinar 1: Join us for the first webinar w/ Brembo explaining Challenge 1.

Webinar 2: Join us for the second webinar w/ Brembo explaining Challenge 2.

Hackathon Pre-Kick-off: Join us for the pre-kick-off webinar to learn more about the event!

Hackathon Start Date: The hackathon officially starts October 13th at 6:00 pm! 

Hackathon Day 2: Participants continue working on-site for day 2.

Hackathon Day 3: Projects will be due, judges will review the projects and winners will be announced!

September 27

September 28

September 19

October 13

October 14

October 15

Elena Mazzoleni

Senior Data Scientist & DS Coordinator

Brembo SpA

Rahil Shah

Data Engineer

Brembo Inspiration Lab

Ayush Upadhyay

Data Engineer

Brembo Inspiration Lab

Michael Rescati

Big Data & AI Engineer

Brembo SpA

Cristian Malmassari

Virtual System Engineering Coordinator

Brembo SpA

Ivana Striesova

Friction Material Designer

Brembo SpA

Ajay Mishra

Data Science & AI leader

Brembo Inspiration Lab

Silvia Brignoli

Digital Quality Engineer

Brembo SpA


Advanced Tech Center Software Engineer

Brembo Inspiration Lab

Daniele Schillaci


Brembo SpA

Stéphane Rolland

Brembo North America President and CEO

Dino Maggioni

System GBU Chief Operating Offices

Brembo SpA

Mauro Piccoli

Chief Marketing Officer

Brembo SpA

Marco Borsari 

Chief Quality Officer

Brembo SpA

Paolo Rezzaghi

IPR Manager

Brembo SpA

Luigi Roggia

Lead Data Scientist and CEO of Apply Science

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Brembo leads the world in the design and production of high-performance braking systems and components for top-flight manufacturers of cars, motorbikes and commercial vehicles. Founded in 1961 in Italy, Brembo has a long-standing reputation for providing innovative solutions for OEMs and aftermarket. Brembo also competes in the most challenging motorsport championships in the world and has won over 600 titles. Guided by its strategic vision – “Turning Energy into Inspiration” – Brembo’s ambition is to help shape the future of mobility through cutting-edge, digital and sustainable solutions. With about 15,000 people across 15 countries, 30 production and business sites and 8 R&D centers, Brembo is the trusted solution provider for everyone who demands the best driving experience.

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